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Coaching vs Counselling 

It is important to understand that there is a big difference between counselling and coaching when it comes to getting support for your teen.

The simplest way to understand the difference is in this way:

A counsellor or therapist focuses on troubling issues and dealing with the past events that influenced current behaviour while a life coach focuses on the where your teen is now, where they'd like to be in future and working together to help your teen achieve the desired future outcomes.  One is reactive while the other is proactive.


A Counsellor or therapist is often called on when parents are struggling with undesirable changes in their teens behaviour and seeking out help to right the wrong.  


But working with a teen life coach is a different solution altogether in that it's a pro-active and co-creative approach to helping a teen navigate adolescence.  Helping your teenager to learn life skills so that they're better equipped to handle the many obstacles and and challenges of early adulthood. 


Interestingly, when your teen understands this fundamental difference,  they are more open to working with a coach because they don't view the process as something being wrong with them.  

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Maximize Their Potential


Most of the teenagers I have worked with love and care deeply for their parents. They are concerned about the effects their own actions are having on the family, yet this side of them is not seen by the parent.


I help the teen to understand and reflect on how they ‘show up’ in the world and work with them to set goals and build aspirations in line with their parents expectations - bridging the gap between parent and teen.


Lack of Motivation

Lack of Perserverence


Poor Time Management

Being Disorganised 


Negative Attitude

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Teen Coach Kelly Waite

Coaching is about awareness, reflection, choice, and growth.

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Teen Coach Kelly Waite

Meet Kelly

Certified Life Coach, Mother, Teen Coach & Mentor

I speak Teenager fluently and helping you bridge the gap with your teen is my superpower

My ability to connect with, influence and motivate teens, providing a safe, confidential place to learn tools, share their struggles and achievements and gain the confidence they need to be their best is why concerned and loving parents love working with me during this important, often daunting developmental stage of your child's life. 

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“I was referred to Kelly by a close friend. I needed to to create more balance between my personal life and my job.  Coaching was a new experience for me. I am really glad I did it.  I'm kinder to myself and mindful of how I deal with situations.  I have started to plan more and be specific with my intentions. I now I have more time!”

Nicole K

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“I asked the universe for a coach to help me with procrastination, time management and a lack of motivation. Working with Kelly I have been able to get through my days without giving up or breaking down.  She accomplished tapping into spaces in my life that I was not able to do on my own

Shenika Nicholson

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“When I started working with Kelly I was struggling with low self-esteem and repeating negative patterns.  She coached me through how to stop comparing myself to others and learning how to turn the negative programming off and as a result my self-image has improved drastically”

Nisha Dupuis

Teen Coach Kelly Waite