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Meet Kelly

There is an opportunity to laugh, grow and build stronger bonds with your teen

 Kelly Waite

Certified Life Coach, Mother and Dedicated Teen Coach

Konichiwa!  <-- After a year studying Japanese that's about all  I can remember.  

The other two languages I speak are English and Teenager <-- that's likely what's brought you here and I'm so glad it did.

I'm a UK expat, living in the USA.  A creative, fun-loving and passionate mother of three girls - a toddler, a tween and a teen. 

"Remember how daunting and intimidating those teenage years were growing up?"



Saying I speak "Teenager" is a little tongue in cheek but the truth is that I am completely passionate about this age group, with the ability to connect, influence and motivate them.

Teenagers appreciate the way in which I relate to them and make them feel understood.  

Teenagers are changing physically and emotionally, trying out being an adult and testing limits, balancing school and social life, and dealing with peer pressure and let's not forget first love and heartache.

Parents appreciate the work I do to help their teenagers break out of negative behaviour cycles so that they can truly flourish.  I work to build a relationship based on respect, openness, and trust with your teenager to help your child navigate this confusing time.


With commitment, experience, and curiosity, I help your teenager understand who they are and discover who they want to be.  


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